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More insomnia

Once again I woke up in the middle of the night and coudln’t fall asleep again for a couple hours. That is like the 5th day in a row I think now. I wake up for whatever reason and just lay there waiting for sleep that never comes. At least I didn’t have to take another pain pill in the middle of the night, the one I took before going to sleep (the first time) managed to hold up the entire night, unlike the day before. All this missing sleep is going to catch up to me sooner than later and I have a feeling I will be taking a lot of naps this weekend. Hell, what else do I have to do, it is not like I can go for a walk or a bike ride and enjoy this beautiful weather. Today at work, I had to park real far away from the office cuz that was all I could find, and I had a really hard time walking to the office. I swear if a cab came by I would have hailed it for a ride to the office.

Next tuesday the new season of Smallville starts! I can’t wait. Last nite they showed the last show of last season with the cliffhanger ending and I watched it again since there wasn’t anything better on. I cooked myself dinner last nite after work, and that wore me out being on my feet for so long moving about. After that I just watched TV and chatted on AIM.

Current music: Skinny Puppy – Last Rights CD


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