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Sleep and updates

Got very little sleep last nite. I am convinced it is the pain pills I am on that prevent sleep from happening. I am going to try my best to not take them, perhaps taking the old stuff instead which didn’t mess up my sleep. I am only taking anything right now when it gets really bad and I just can’t take the discomfort. I even tried the melatonin again last nite but it didn’t seem to do a damn bit of good. Oh well, I can always take a nap today if I need to.

Spent a good chunk of the day doing some site updates. There is a handful of new reviews up, some news and a couple new links. I upgraded the firmware in my wireless router the other day and it seemed to fix the problem I was having where the laptop would lose any network connection it had, yet still say it was connected to it. It was very frustrating and thankfully it seems to be resolved. Now I am just burning some incense and am about to watch the second disc of the Oz DVD that Thor loaned me and make a frozen pizza for dinner. I also made one of those Aunt Jamima coffee cakes today, so I am gonna have some tasty desert!


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