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Oz and work

Just laying on the couch in the living room watching the Oz season 1 dvd that Thor loaned me. I didn’t see but maybe one or two episodes from that season as I got into it right as season 2 started. Great show, a little too much naked man for my liking however. They should do a female version of Oz me thinks. SLO is out doing my grocery shopping for me since I can’t walk so good, that is super deluxe nice of her. She’s been calling me every 5 minutes from the store asking me questions about what is on my list.

Had a busy day at work, we have a deadline coming up so there was a lot to do and the day went by quite fast. Traffic on the way home ruled too which was a much needed nice way to end the week. Lots of rest in store for me this weekend plus some website updates tomorrow starting with some new reviews.


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