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Raw and regrets

Before raw came on, I was watching the Fear Factor show on NBC. Gena Lee Nolan was on. Apparently her days as a sex symbol are long gone, she was all bloated and huge. I wonder what the hell happened, she used to be such a hottie! I also found it amusing that she lost the challenge where you dive in a pool full of snakes and collect yellow hockey pucks. She was a baywatch lifeguard, how can she lose?! Unreal. Rudy from the Cosby Show was also on there, she is the same height as she was when she was a kid on that show. Greg Brady was another contestant, that guy will make any appearance I guess for his chance to be on TV again.

Got 2 DVDs in the mail for review today, one is a DVD reissue of Butthole Surfers – Blind Eye Sees All, and the other is a Charles Manson documentary. I will be watching and reviewing them this weekend for the site.

Today I got into a discussion on IM with a girl that I met on the internet. She mentioned that she was talking to some guy and that he lives with his parents and he is 32 and that it makes her sick that he does and she would never date someone who did that. I have a couple friends who are that exact age, and do in fact live with their parents for one reason or another. I mentioned that to her, and told her perhaps there is valid reasons why someone would need to do that, perhaps to get back on their feet. She wasn’t listening to any of that. So we got on the subject on marriage and who pays what. She said that the guy should pay for the mortgage and almost all the bills, even though she works full time as well, and that she would help out a little with the bills. I asked her how that was fair, that if two people are living together and both working, why one should bear all the financial responsibility. She said that is how she was brought up or something to that effect. I asked then what if the man can more than take care of himself and his expenses on his salary, but it in no way can cover the expenses of two or three people (if there is a child), shouldn’t the woman contribute the same if they are both working? She said no. I asked then why in a divorce she would expect to keep the house that she didn’t pay dime one for. She seemed to be getting frustrated and refused to listen to another point of view of the partnership that at least I think a relationship should be. She said if I didn’t agree with what she was saying she didn’t want to talk about it anymore, and that she is worth it and that the man should take care of her. I was actually supposed to go on a date with the girl in the near future but now I don’t really want to bother. And no, I am not the guy she was complaining about living with the parents, I live by myself, but she and I were gonna go on a date. Anyway, even though it has been awhile since my last date, and I have no other prospects at this time (any attractive single women out there?!), I figure why bother, regardless of if we end up hitting it off, nothing serious could ever come of it because of this huge difference of opinion. She said that the thought of a guy who can’t take care of her is unattractive and makes her skin crawl. Well, that kind of selfishness and attitude makes me feel the same way. I wish that my ex could have heard this conversation, cuz she would have realize that as selfish as I was when we were together (which btw RMD, if you for some odd reason are reading this, I STILL regret being like that), that there are people out there FAR more selfish and conceited than I was at the time I was with her.


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