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Raw recap

Raw didn’t really hold my interest that much. So Ric Flair is a heel again. I wish they’d make up their minds about what they want to do with him, this is only the millionth time they turned him. Kane and the Hurricane are now tag champs. I can see how they’d come up with making them a team, but Kane still bores me. The Hurricane will be carrying the entertainment burden of that team, that’s for sure. That finisher move that Jamal of the Island Boyz does is fucking cool. A word of advice to the WWE – don’t have lame cut-rate rock bands play on the show, it just makes people want to turn the channel. I don’t care if you spice it up having the divas dance around, the music is still shit and ruins the show. Take the big slow off the show too, nothing you do will ever make that guy interesting. You are wasting William Regal having him with those unamericans, Regal is far more entertaining on his own. Was Goldust humping that TV backstage?!

Man I am bored!


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