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I just read an interesting article on game testing in the new issue of EGM. Overall it was a decent article, but a little short. I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t go into more detail about the job, or focus on any of the negative aspects of the job. For those who don’t know, I used to do that for a living. I did it for about 5 years before moving on to different positions in the industry. The job was fun at first, but there is a degree of abuse that comes with the job, people will point the finger at you when the shit hits the fan and something goes wrong. It wasn’t fun being yelled at all the time during MK4, nor was it fun being blamed for the bad earnings of Wrestlemania when I had nothing to do with it. There were good times, and I don’t regret doing that as that was how I got my foot in the door, but I just thought that the EGM guys could have dug a little deeper and show both sides of the coin. It could not only be a cool job, but also a thankless task.


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