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Freaking out

Today was a pretty busy day at work. It still seemed to go by slow, but probably because I was so tired. I didn’t sleep good last nite again. I am starting to freak out a little about the surgery. Not so much about the actual operation, but the recovery afterwords. My sister is only staying 3 days and after that, I am going to have to rely on people to come over and make me food and bring me stuff so I don’t have to get up except to go to the bathroom so I will recover properly. I live alone, and most people I know work full time. All of it is starting to get to me and for some reason I started thinking a lot about RMD again. Had she not left me and we were together, I know I could have counted on her to be there for me through the whole thing and I would have been in good hands. I do have some friends I can count on for some things, but it is times like these that I have never felt more alone.


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