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I wasn’t going to mention it here but since Thor did it first in his, I figure it is only fair that I get to vent too. Isis is playing tonite at the Empty Bottle. They are one of my favorite bands (of the ones that are actually still together!) so I was willing to drag my crippled ass to the bottle provided I felt like I at least had enough energy to go to the show, and also provided that I can find a place to sit at the show cuz there is no way I can stand up for more than a few minutes without a great deal of pain. Anyway, I had planned on going to the show with him so today I asked him on AIM about it. The plan as I envisioned it – we meet up over at his place and grab dinner somewhere nearby then both of us driving over to the bottle for the show. The first question he asked me was if I was gonna give him a ride home after the show. I asked him why can’t he drive his own car over there because he lives the complete opposite direction from the way I go home, and since it will be like 1am, I will be lucky to make it home driving straight from the show to my house. He said he didn’t want to take a cab home that late and I again ask why he can’t just drive his car. He asked why I can’t drive since I was planning on coming to his place anyway. I explain it to him and he gets all bent out of shape. It is like he likes to pretend he is one of those city folks with no car but he has not only a good car, but his own parking space at his apartment so when he gets home late he doesn’t have to worry about finding a spot to park. So he mentioned that the last (and only) time he met me at a show at the bottle, it took him 90 minutes to get there and find parking. But this was during the Puerto Rican fest! That is not going on tonite, nor is it a weekend so there will not only be less traffic, but more parking places around the bottle. He got pissed off at me and blocked me on AIM and as of this writing I am still blocked, then he bitched about it in his blog and called me a fair weather friend.I didn’t

So to sum it up:

Were it a weekend, and I didn’t have to get up for work the next morning, it would be one thing, but if I am even remotely able to have the energy left after work to go to this show, I am going to need every ounce left to make it home after the show as it will be an endurance match to sit through such a thing in my condition.

He did not tell me this, but wrote in his blog that driving makes him nervous in the city. Well, he chose to live there and the only way to get over that is drive in it and get used to it like everyone else had to do. I can relate to the nervousness, been there. He also mentioned the time about the 90 min trip. You can’t use one time as a barometer for all trips to come! If that was the formula to use, I would never go to work as the traffic sucks more than half the time. That is the pat lawlor equilivelant of basing your ball time in your pinball machine on one great player that played a handful of games!

I have been accused of being selfish on more than one occasion, I can accept that. I also hate to drive. But in this particular case, it has all to do with energy and pain and time, and nothing to do with not wanting to be nice to a friend.

A couple months ago when I heard Isis were playing, I told him and he seemed interested in going as he liked the stuff of theirs I sent him. Now he is saying he would only have gone to help me out.

Thor is one of my absolute best friends. I am not at all mad at him. I am just a little disappointed that trying to go to a show turned into this. I will not bad mouth him in any way, I just wanted to vent my side of the story because I do not enjoy arguing with one of my best friends.I wouldn’t have mentioned it at all here, but hey, fair is fair.

I will let you, the people decide the right and wrong in this case. His side of the story can be found here.

And T, when you read this, how about unblocking me huh?


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