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Friday Five

1. What are your favorite ways to relax and unwind?

I like laying on the couch with the lava lite and candlelights on and watching either TV or a DVD movie. I’d prefer to have a good woman laying down with me while I do this but unfortunately I don’t have one right now.

2. What do you do the moment you get home from work/school/errands?

When I get home from work, I grab my mail in hopes of some fine record packages being in there, then I come inside, check the email and phone messages and usually turn on the TV or put on a record.

3. What are your favorite aromatherapeutic smells?

I have never tried that aroma therapy stuff so I guess I don’t have an answer.

4. Do you feel more relaxed with a group of friends or hanging out by yourself?

I guess alone but I do really enjoy hanging out with my friends. I have a pretty good balance of spending time alone and with friends. Sometimes I end up spending too much time alone though and then it gets to me.

5. What is something that you feel is relaxing but most people don’t?

Fixing pinball machines, it is very therapeutic. It keeps my mind occupied so I don’t obsess over things that are bothering me. Doing a playfield swap on a pinball especially. When I got laid off from my last job and didn’t know what I was going to do with my life at the time, I did a playfield swap on my Dracula pinball. Took 45 hours roughly, I got it done in exactly 7 days and it kept me from going crazy.


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