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Platters and panhandlers

Got home and when I signed on AIM, Thor msg me and all is well. I ended up finding a sweet parking place close to reckless so I was able to go in and shop. It was hard to stand that long and I found myself not only flipping through the records at high speeds than many an ex girlfriend who went shopping with me would have wished for, but leaning on the racks to hold myself up. What a man will endure to get a fix! I bought a few items so it was worth the trip I’d say. I came home and made dinner, but I burned my veggies and I think I may have also ruined the pan 🙁 I think the pan is as old as I am, but still, it was perfectly good and I hope it isn’t ruined.

When I was getting out of the car by reckless, some guy started talking to me all friendly how I came close to rubbing the bottom of my car front on the sidewalk where I pulled in. I knew that asking for money was next and I was right. I cut him off as soon as he said, “hey listen…”. There are few things more annoying than being accosted by beggars when you are trying to mind your own business and go somewhere.


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