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The mend continues

I slept in today and the phone woke me up. It was the guy who I am selling my whitewood for Revenge From Mars to. Friendly fellow and I could sure use the extra money. Since it was after noon when I made it downstairs, I skipped eating breakfast and just started with lunch. I reheated one of my plates my sister made me. Good stuff. Dozer calld me today, I haven’t talked to him in ages. He is moving to CA next month for a job he just got. It was good to hear from him and he is going to resume writing reviews for my web site again too.He used to write for the printed zine.

I just finished watching the True Romance DVD. Now I am about to watch the extras. The DTS sound was sweet! I didn’t know that Tony Soprano was in the movie! The movie held up well, still a great film.


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