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Sometimes it should be legal to kick the crap out of someone for their stupidity

So the mail comes today and in it is a flimsy looking package in a padded mailer. My first thought was “what kind of dumbass would do this”. Inside was the Negative FX LP on red vinyl that I bought from some fuck on ebay. This stupid ass put the record in a flimsy padded mailer with no cardboard to keep it flat and he didn’t’ remove the record from the sleeve like I had instructed him to (this keeps the seams from splitting in the sleeve during transit). So the fucking cover is all bent up and damaged from the transit and handling, all because this thoughtless assfeeler couldn’t’ be bothered to place some damn cardboard in the package. Shit, the priority mail that I paid him for and he didn’t use, would have given him a sturdy FREE box that would have been better suited for safe transport over this flimsy piece of shit he mailed my record in. Now I have to find a cheap copy of the record someday so I can replace the fucking sleeve on this thing. God damn that just wrecked my entire day. I already emailed this dipshit to express my displeasure and negative feedback will soon follow for him. FUCK!


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