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Grand Combustion Station

Yesterday after a nap to try and fight off the headache brought on by the anger of that damaged record, it was like grand central station at Combustion Manor (my house). Koz and his friend stopped by for a visit and brought sandwiches from the Yorktown Deli (damn good!) and visited with me awhile. They then left to go deliver a pinball game and take a RFM whitewood I sold to their hotel to deliver for me to the person who I sold it to who will be at pinball expo (something I am so depressed about having to miss out on this year). They came back later in the day to meet JLS here and help him move one of his pinball machines home that was in my garage. MK also stopped by to watch smallville and work on the machine of his that is in my basement (he is doing a PF swap on his dracula and using my work room and tools to do so). Last, but never least, Kristine stopped by for a visit after she got off work. It was really good to see here, I haven’t seen her since her, Jon (husband), and Ian (son) came over last winter for a visit. So at one point there was 5 people here at once and it was really nice to have some company since I can’t get out. My uncle also stopped by before all that and flattened out all the mountain of cardboard boxes and stuff I had for garbage/recycle in the garage and placed in outside for me. That was quite kind of him as I could never do that, at least not for another month or so until I’m back to normal and have all my mobility back. Each day is getting a little better and a little easier to move around. I have been able to tone down the use of pain meds too. I plan to start trying to work from home on monday, by then I will have a much more clear head and more energy so I will be able to be semi-productive while on the mend. Today however, just a lot of naps and watching DVDs, and then Birds of Prey when it comes on tonite.

And one more thing, last night’s episode of Smallville kicked ass!

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