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I just did a really enjoyable interview with Gavin O’ Brien of The Faction! What a really nice guy. I have to heal up soon, for I have a full days’ worth of scanning ahead of me for images for the Posh Boy interview and now this one. On top of that, I have to compile a list of interview questions for an email one I am doing with Dave from AOD. Speaking of that, I got my bday present I got myself today, which was DaveAOD sold me test pressings for their first single, and a later LP and 12″, plus the first LP on blue vinyl (50 made!). On top of that, he loaded me up with a TON of really cool swag like a sweet button down shirt with the AOD logo and veinhead guy on back, buttons, stickers, flyers, patches, etc! What a great package and fine additions to The Punk Vault.

I was informed that the Faction, Los Olvidados and Drunk Injuns might play some shows. I told them if they would come to chicago, not only coudl they all sleep in my basement, but that I’d take ’em all to potbellys! That would be a dream show of mine, to see those 3 bands.

I have to bid on a record in 3 hours. I’m sure I will be up, though I am not gonna take any vicodin before bed for I have to be up early to go to the doctor tomorrow. I am not allowed or able to drive, so I had to ask around for someone to drive me. Deacon was able to since he is still jobless.


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