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Vicodin vs Religion

2am and I am more than half-awake. I was pretty tired and sore earlier, so I popped a vicodin to get my thru the nite, unfortunately the damn things seem to have the opposite effect than on the common man and instead of making me drowsy, they prevent sleep from embracing me. I was flipping channels looking for something to watch when I stopped on one because Black Sabbath were on. With Ozzy, the real Black Sabbath. It turned out I was on a religious station and this was a special entitled They Sold Their Souls for Rock and Roll 2. This was a documentary on how basically all forms of popular rock music was somehow linked to satan and full of impure and evil messages. They were showing song lyrics and informing the viewers on how wrong these messages were. The thing that sickened me was in many cases they were taking things so far out of context that it was obvious they were just reaching to try and find anything to add to their list. Aside from the obvious targets such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, AC/DC and Marilyn Manson, they went so far as to point “god’s finger” at Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguillera and the Spice Girls! Mostly they were attempting to say how these artists have sold out to the fiery master in order to become popular and that they are trying to spread the evil words of big red. They also managed to throw in some of their propaganda about how lesbianism is wrong and was encouraged by the Spice Girls. They also got their obligatory anti-abortion spiel in, this time comparing abortion to the killing of the children by the Nazi’s during the holocaust. The whole show was just so insulting and offending to me, and I’m sure anyone with a spat of common sense. After showing these clips and excerpts of lyrics, they were sure to sprinkle in some bible quotes because I am sure they were afraid that their viewers might start to succumb to the evil if they didn’t have some bible passages to cleanse the pallets.

I had the good fortune to have been raised completely free from religion. My parents were from two opposing religious backgrounds and by the time they hooked up, neither was practicing whatever the religions that were imposed on them by their parents. In fact, the only times I ever had to go to church was when I was dating “the ex-wife” (DNP – Jah’s sister) and she used to make me go with her all the time. She went to a catholic church. The whole thing just seemed like such a scam. They sing these songs, the fellow in the robe tells some stories and then they pass around the basket and ask you for money. They try and make you feel guilty for anything you could possibly have derived any pleasure from, then they ask you for some cash. Organized religion to me all just seems like a front to try and guilt people out of their cash and make them afraid. Look, I don’t know what happens when you die. I don’t know if there is a god or a devil. I don’t know if there is a heaven or a hell. Sometimes I think this is hell, sometimes I think that we’re not in hell but you can see it from here. But one thing I do know, with all the kid touching going on in the church, they have no ground to judge people making music and try and twist their words around and take them out of context just to “enlighten” (ie: convert/brainwash) people into joining their cause when really they are just trying to bilk them out of their hard earned cash. When are we gonna see the documentary on homosexual kid-touching priests and how they are wrong?! I bet right around the time that “hell” freezes over.

And as a disclaimer. Just because I don’t subscribe to any religion, doesn’t mean I think any less of anyone who does. If you get something out of going to whatever church it is you go to and feel it somehow enhances your life, then good for you. To each his own. You can go to mass, I’ll go to the record store, we can still coexist. I just don’t want to turn the channel and see some bullshit special on how rock music (even the shitty stuff like the boy bands) is corrupting the world. Did rock music make those priests diddle small boys? Did god? Everyone is so quick to point the finger at things like movies and music for corrupting the youth, but why not look at the parents? They are supposed to be raising the kids. Why not look at the church itself, in a lot of cases these days it sounds like there is plenty of corruption going on there as well.

I need something to bring me down from the vicodin!


  • WOW. thats all i could think. first cuz you casually use vicodin and i found that well, kinda wrong, then wow for what you said about the church. its really true though and thats sad that some drugged up kid was able to see how screwed up the adults are, yet regular non druggie adults cant even see it. church is a bummer. i always fall asleep. adn i hate how im told the bands i know and love suppport the devil. WHAT IF THEY JUST LIKE THE WAY IT SOUNDS YA MORRON?! so yea way to go for drugs. they bring out the best in us

  • I’m doing a project and I would like some help if anyone out there thinks that some music is bad for the youth then e-mail me (other then country ideas) thank you

  • Dear MXV,

    Just happened to stumble across the post…..

    I am one of “them”.

    I am a born again, Bible believing Christian. I happen to attend the church that was responsible for producing the “They Sold Their Souls for Rock & Roll” video, so I know what I’m talking about here….

    You made a lot of stereotypical comments in your post that I’d like to clear up if I could. Here are some facts everyone should know.

    1. True Christianity is not an “organized” religion. Our church is non-denominational. We are not Catholics. For the record, we are against most of what the Catholic church teaches, and most of the Christians who go to my church are ex-catholics who came out of that lie. Nor do we support, condone or defend priests who “diddle” on kids. God doesn’t condone it either. We simply attempt to live by what the Bible teaches, because we believe it is the word of God.

    2. This video was made and produced by people who were FANATICS of rock in times past. Our pastor, who narrates the video, was a long hair hippie stoner guitarist who didnt know or even care if there was a God or a devil….until the devil revealed himself in his life supernaturally through the music he was writing. These experiences were so frightening that he called out to GOD (who supposedly didn’t exist in his mind) and the experiences stopped. There is more to the story….but to give a little background, my pastor has been doing this type of presentation for over 20 years. There was a prior version of this video made in 1992 called “Rock & Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution” Myself and my pastor have both been on the side of the fence you’re on. We were raised in religion-free environments also.

    3. We don’t want anyone’s money. We’re not trying to “brainwash” anyone. We don’t convert anyone. (Only God does that). We’re not even religious. We just happen to simply believe in Jesus Christ, and believe what He said. I have given away countless copies of both videos because I believe that the documentation presented is unarguable. I disagree that the information is “taken out of context”. Everything in the videos is carefully documented and is shown in the credits. Like you, I scoffed at it at first, because I didnt WANT to believe it. But eventually I came to see that it was unarguable. If you were to see the first video, it might be a little clearer. I can send anyone a copy who wants one, for free.

    4. To sum it up in a nutshell, if you knew that a building was on fire and was going to burn down, you would warn people, right? You wouldn’t just stand there and watch them burn to death. That’s what we are trying to do with this video. We believe people are plugging their heads into spiritually poisoning music, and we are warning them. Do we believe that ALL music is satanic? No.

    5. There was a comment made about pointing the finger at the parents for the problems of youth instead of the movies and the rock music. What you don’t acknowledge is that the modern rock and roll we take for granted today started back in the 50’s and 60’s. Back then, Rock music was “underground”. Parents of the older generation didn’t like it or listen to it, but their KIDS DID. and now that music and message is MAINSTREAM. Those same kids grew up and are now raising this generation. Today, you can hear Led Zeppelin and Judas Priest in Cadillac and Burger King commercials. So, in a sense, you could say the parents are part of the problem, no?

    6. Who is the most important person in your life? Think about this person for a moment. Now, Lets just say the world at large created a multi-billion dollar media industry (i.e. music, movies, TV) that set out to insult, discredit, humiliate, contradict, laugh at, blaspheme, ridicule and generally lie about and hate that person who is the most important to you. Wouldn’t you be a little upset? Wouldn’t you want to tell people the truth? That’s how it is with us crazy Christians. We worship God. We live for Jesus Christ. He is the most important person to us. Is it a coincidence that Jesus Christ is the most attacked person in rock music and motion pictures? When was the last time you heard a band blaspheme buddha?

    7. You said you didn’t know if there was a heaven or hell, or if there was a God or devil, or what happens when we die. Don’t you want to know? If I come to you and say I have the answers to these awesome questions are you going to slam the door in my face? Or would you give me a chance to state my case? If you don’t WANT to believe in Christ, OK……but at least be honest and admit it. Don’t slam the messenger if you don’t like the message. “The LAPD is hiring if you want to cop out.”

  • I am a Christian, a punk rocker, and I’m going on my third year of sobriety. Today I had a conversation with my friend it went somthing like this “What’d you do fer halloween bro?” “oh I watched this video, did you know Suicidal sold their souls fer rock ~n~ roll?” That launched us into a four hour discussion about whether or not its what goes into a man that defiles him or if its what comes out resulting in me giving up music for two weeks. Anyways my point is this, their are only two sides Gods and satans if its not pro God it defaults to the beast. My question is if its not expressly forbidden or commanded in the word doesn’t it become a matter of conscience? Another thing don’t judge Christ by some pedophiles actions, thats disgusting and in no way condoned by the scriptures you want a pedophile religion check out islam muhameds last wife was 9 yrs old. To the other Christian, God hasn’t given us a spirit of fear but of victory…the devil already lost, I feel like alot of the Church sees a demon under every record. ps did calvary chapel put out this video?

  • I agree with the author. I saw all 4 parts of “they sould their souls for rock n roll” or w/e its called. The makers of the rape took lyrics out of context. For example the lyrics of Black Sabbath’s songs “N.I.B.” and “Black Sabbath” are about anti-satanism. But, if you dont have the words in context it could sound like a satanic song. And another thing; certain people take names such as AC/DC and KISS and make them acronyms. Some say that ACDC means “anti Christ devils children”. Thats just bullshit so people can have something to bitch about. I would love to point out many more things about this documentary but I dont have time. I would just like to say i strongly diagree with the documentary and would liek to say that i beleive the author ofthis page is correct. People need to stop pointing their fingers at rock music and point their fingers at their own parenting mistakes. Quit blameing music. Music doesn’t make people do anything. People have their own power to do as they choose. Every1 says “only u can make choices” and shit like that, but now they wanna blame everthing else. Don’t blame music, music doesnt make any1 do anything. i have to go. but remeber the words of a famous rock group “GOD GAVE ROK & ROLL TO YOU!”

  • Dont know if anyone is still using this board for discussion or will stumble upon it in time, but i have read the above statements, and do feel that alot of what cant be answered or blamed is put onto others, and to be more precise, rock and roll and metal.
    As Jaymes was saying earlier, if you could find out the answers to all the questions of what happens when you die, and is there a god or satan, we would like to know which is quite true, but i dont think anyone realises we do get told this, we are taught it in school everyday, despite our beliefs as a child, were told there is a god, and all the jesus stuff really happened, when it cant be proved, nothing can be proved, even science. But science gives more of a logical explanation than the bible, or any other religion. The bible was just made up by someone, its a story, that covers alot of what couldnt be answered back then, and people just took it too literally. I’d love to believe that the devil existed, because to be quite frank hes alot cooler than god. But i dont believe it, theres too many flaws with the bible, and the church.
    Ask any christian, or vicar why doesnt god stop all suffering, and he’l tell you oh god lets you decide your own destiny and doesnt intervien with out lives. More like god doesnt exist full stop. I wish people would realise that just because they are told something in school by a teacher that it has to be true. Einstien had a phrase he quoted once. And went something like
    “You cannot rely on unproved, you can have faith on the unproved but you cannot trust in it.”

    Theres nothing wrong with hoping that god is there to answere prayers, but its damn stupid to say he exists and the bible really happened, its like saying the lord of the rings happened, ( which would make a better past). I wish people would just think for themselves and not go on everything told to them, live a little and find things out for yourselves. If a teacher says a cube has 6 sides, they dont normally expect you to believe them, they give you a cube to investigate, so why not do that with your own life, if you still come to the same conclusion, which im sure you will, then thats fine, Im happy to coexist with religion going on around me, but in my eyes im certain its just one big cover up


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