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The New Setup

It has been bothering me for a week now that I have all this scanning to do for my website, so today I brought the scanner downstairs to the living room and hooked it up to the laptop. I fished out a handful of Posh Boy records to start the work. I am set up now to lay on the couch and scan! I may get used to this setup and never go back to a normal life, just live on this couch! I’ll know I’m really in trouble if I start entertaining thoughts of moving the fridge and stove into this room.

Tonite RB is coming over to keep me company and watch a movie or two. She’s coming from the city and since I can’t drive, she is actually going to walk to my house from the train station. I don’t know what we will watch yet, but I have a huge pile of stuff to chose from, that’s for sure thanks to all that I have bought, and the stuff that Thor and angrytodd loaned me.


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