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Hell in a Cell

I think I finished all my scanning. Of course, 20 minutes ago I thought the same thing, but realized that I forgot to dig out the CH3 albums. Not only did I scan the Posh Boy stuff, but I got the Faction scanning done also, well all but one item, the From the Valley Within compilation which I am waiting for my copies to come that I bought off of Cab.

Tonight is the WWE PPV, I am going to have some friends over for it. I am not sure who yet, but it looks like it will be a smaller than usual crowd. That’s fine as there is much less couch space as I have set up camp on it leaving little room for anyone else to sit on it, they’ll have to pull up chairs from the dining room.

Why is it that no one blogs on weekends, not only that, but the amount of spam I get in email is seemingly double what comes in on weekdays! When I become president of Earth, I am going to make spam punishable by death, those fucking annoying assmerchants. Do they really think I want to see a chick and a horse, or believe that horny MILFs are waiting to do me if I click on their link? And what person in their right mind is going to order their herbal viagra or partake in their big investment opportunities. God dammit, I wish I could find the source of each of these annoyances and punch them each in the face. Fucking spam!



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