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Has Vince McMahon Lost his mind?!

After a really entertaining PPV last nite, how in the hell did the WWE go from that, to the steamy pile of a show they are putting on right now. This story line with HHH and Kane has got to me the single most ridiculous one in wrestling history. I almost feel bad for Triple H for having to do this, except he’s nailing Stephanie McMahon in real life and I’m not, and also if he didn’t’ have hate common sense to tell the writers just how incredibly stupid the thing is, then let him help drive away some more fans. It is things like this that make me wonder what the hell I am watching wrestling for. Jesus, David Arquette as world champ in the WCW was a hell of a lot more entertaining that this shit. Vince, fire that, and I use this term loosely, “creative team” before it is too late.


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