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A productive day

When I went to sleep last nite, the files for my game were still trasnferring, it took most of night! I got up today and hooked up my gear and got the game running on my machine and tv in the living rooom. I sat down and played it for awhile and emailed in a list of changes I wanted in there and some suggestions as well. I hadn’t seen our game since my last day at work before taking my surgical leave and I was floored by how much was added since then.

I also just now finished the Posh Boy Records interview and it is now live. I am really proud of the way it turned out and I hope all the punks enjoy it. Tonite I am going to watch Smallville and Sopranos and get started on the Faction interview in between them.

I am getting tired of the food in my house! Anyone want to come bring me an italian beef sandwich and fries?


  • Great interview!
    I’d like to ask you about The Nuns if I could. I think Bret Domrose used to play with them and I’d like to know if he is on any of their recordings. And if so, how could I go about getting them. TIA

  • I checked the Nuns records in the vault and that fellow didn’t play on any of the early records. The Nuns did do a few records much later which came out beyond the scope of my collecting and in fact seem to still be active today, but have evolved into some sort of fetish band. They have a web site

    Those women in the band sure have some nice assets.


  • Thanks, I figure he played with them sometime in the late 80’s, and it’s possible he didn’t do any recordings.
    Did you ever get your sandwich?
    If you ever come to Vegas, I know the best sandwich place.

  • Unfortunately I didn’t get in touch with anyone close by to get me a sandwich 🙁 I had to settle for those nissen ramen noodles in the foam cup, chicken flavor.

    I was toying with the idea next year of going to the classic gaming expo in vegas, now that someone has offered to take me to a good sandwich place, that is all the more reason to consider going. Thanks! 🙂


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