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The mailman brought me a mountin of packages today! Lots of fine goodness for the Punk Vault including:

St. Vitus – Test pressing
Racebannon 7″ on witching hour
PIL – First Issue (clear vinyl on Wizard label)
PIL – Death Disco 7″ (wizard label)
Neurosis – Soverign (red vinyl)

On top of that, my pal Dr. Strange sent me a package containing cds of his 4 new releases to review for the site. They include Ch3, The Skulls, Barricaded Suspects cd reissue comp, and the Toxic Shock Records old 7″ cd reissue. I am listening to the Toxic Shock CD now and it sounds so good! One of the records on there, Noise From Nowhere compilation (one of my favs) had such a poor mastering job done on the original vinyl that it sounded pretty bad, but now it sounds so damn good. This is one of the very FEW times you will ever hear me prefer a cd over vinyl so mark this on yr calendar!

When I get better, I will put on this CD and do a stage dive off my bed!



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