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Behold the finest woman on EARTH!

Ashley Scott – the hottest woman on the planet of Earth! I require her!

Damn you WB! Watching Birds of Prey bums me out now because you are fucking killing a good show. I will get you all, you will pay!

Today I drove the car! First time out. I went to the bank and the PO. It was a little uncomfortable but I managed. After that, Deacon came by and I paid him to mow up the leaves in the yard. It took 10 bags! I couldn’t beleive it, and one tree still had a bunch of leaves still on it! It never took that many before, what gives?! It got dark before he finished, so I got a spotlight out and stood there holding it to light up the path while he finished the back yard. I’m sure the neighbors found that amusing if they saw me.


  • I’ll arm wrestle ya for her! And it’s good to see Deacon getting some gainful employment. Now if we can just get him to bathe, stop talking during tv shows and bathe again he might be cool.

  • so THATS the ashly chick you always rant about! shes pretty, kinda looks like angelina jolie… is she the “star” of the show?

  • It’s not just the hottness, I really like the show as well. I have always been a big batman fan and it was cool how they spun this show out of the batman legend. She may go on to other shows, but what will happen in new gotham?! I’ll never know! Dammit!

    Liz – Ashley plays the Huntress who is pretty much the main character on the show. Give it a watch next wed. nite before it is too late 🙁

  • right on congrats for venturing out in the auto! and yeah it sucks they’re cancelling the show – I’m thinking maybe in desperation they’ll throw Batman in there for an episoe or two since they know they’re going under, maybe a last ditch effort to show the network they can get ratings – and that would be kind of cool. but I don’t know if they already shot the episodes or what. Typical TV execs, don’t give a show a chance to mature and gain an audience. Lame! One gripe about the show though – what’s with Batgirl’s extra tall wheelchair, something looks not right about it.


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