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Smackdown was not very exciting. Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie are smokin’ hot babes stuck in a lame storyline. Get the damn big slow and that goon albert off my tv forever dammit! They make me want to change the channel.

The holidays kind of suck when you are single.

Why is it when your friends get married, they suddenly have no time to be your friends anymore?

Who’s bright idea was it to split the week up to 5 days working – 2 days off? Couldn’t it have been 4 work – 3 off?

Why don’t they sell Pez in big bulk quantities at Sam’s club like they do with toilet paper, and everything else?

Why does time seem to move in slow motion when you are young, but once you get into your 20s, the time flies by at light speed?

What ever happened to the Friday Five?


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