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What is it about Thursday’s that makes the traffic suck so bad?!

Every day this week, I have woken up a good hour before my alarm, and have not been able to get back to sleep, regardless of how tired I am, which is usally a lot! I don’t know what the deal is with that, but it is a ripoff and I would like it to stop.

Tomorrow nite is Xmas #1 for the family V. My dad, uncle, aunt and 2 cousins are coming over and we are exchaning our gifts and having dinner. See my dad lives in MI and my sis lives in MA, and since my family is f’d up, they don’t speak and I am stuck in the middle. After the first year of this, and paying to go on 2 trips to visit them both, I told my dad that i’m not getting punished by having to do this every year so since then he has opted to come into town 2 weeks early and have our xmas then. So, at xmas proper, I got visit my sister.

Got a busy weekend. Tomorrow is family business. Saturday I am going with my dad up to Milwaukee to visit my other aunt and cousin, then that nite I am going to see Alanis with Thor. Sunday is the WWF PPV. I am glad that I have a full weekend and won’t be trapped at home alone with nothing to do.

A new addition to the vault:
Babes in Toyland – To Mother (green vinyl). Never new that one even came on color vinyl until I saw it for sale.


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