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Ok, I watched the tape of last nite’s Raw. It was ok I guess. Admittedly I was not giving it my full attention as I was pricing out the pressing of the upcoming single. The one thing that did stand out was the end segment. Scott Steiner is a mush mouth and can’t form a coherent sentence to save his own life. I felt bad for HHH having been paired up with him in the segment and having to respond to his lunatic rantings. What crack was Vince McMahon smoking when he thought it was a good idea to hire this goon. Scott Steiner of about 10 years ago was a talent, and could move around in the ring. The new chemically enhanced Steiner has about as many moves as Hogan, and they look just as pathetic, but unlike Hogan, Steiner can’t cut it on the mic. Ugh!


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