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Spent a full day doing laundry, straightening up the house, and playing a lot of pinball. Koz came into town and at nite we headed over to Season Tickets to check out the new Stern pinball machine that they put on test.

The Simpsons. This is easily the best machine Stern has made so far. The playfiled has a lot to shoot at, and is layed out very fair and doesn’t rape you. My ball times were pretty long, and the rule set is very deep and the multiballs are fun, not to mention just about every mode can be stacked. I barely know what I am doing yet I had a really good time playing it. And if I spend more than 2 hours in a smoky bar with some lame ass cover band playing, you know it is a good game. I give that game a solid thumbs up, and it is worth checking out if you are into pinball.

Here is a picture of Punch in the Face from last nite’s show, My pix didnt’ really come out, I read up on the camera some more in the manual and think I figured out why. I will have to try agian next time I go see a show.

I listened to the Punch in the Face 7″ that Jeff gave me, it was pretty good, intense hardcore. I also listened to The Sleepers LP I got in the mail today. It is some retrospective LP that came out in the 90s. It fucking rules. I must seek out the other 3 Sleepers records now too. If anyone has them, I require them!


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