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Cellular calls in middle earth

I went and saw the new Lord of the Rings movie today. That movie was simply amazing. I liked it even better than the first. How I managed to make it thru a 3 hour movie after drinking a large pop and not have to go out to the bathroom in the middle of the movie is a mystery to me. I used my free ticket that came with the first LOTR DVD to go see the film today, so my only expense was the popcorn and drink, which was as much as the admission would have been!

One thing that really bothers me, they show commercials now before the actual movie trailers and film yet the price of admission keeps going up!! If they are getting ad revenue and I have to sit there through that shit, then lower the price of admission and/or the snacks. Another thing that really bothers me is when someone’s cell phone rings in the middle of a movie. There is NO reason ever to have a cell phone turned on during a movie, let alone to ANSWER IT. If you can’t be away from a phone call for 3 hours, then you should not go to a movie then! If it is a case where it is a parent and they leave the kid with a sitter, BUY A FUCKING PAGER and set it on vibrate, then you won’t disturb the rest of the theatre. That is one of the most inconsiderate and rude things I can think of and I always fancy punching the culprit in the face when I see who it was.

I put up an 8 billion on my Star Trek:TNG pinball machine tonite, my second best game ever I think, I felt pretty damn good after that one.


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