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Thursday Nite

Another slow day at work, which makes the day go by a lot slower. I did listen to the 2 new Cocobat CD’s I got about a month ago and just now got around to opening. They were quite good, and had some cool pushead cover art (which is where I got the cds from). The Duke’s time with us in now done. I am really gonna miss having him there, it was a lot of fun to have him test our game.

Thor informed me that those bastards at WGN are going to show the Birds of Prey episodes from 7-9pm this saturday. Great, I’ll have to tape them as I’ll be at pinball league, speaking of which, I still have to go out and buy snacks for it since I am hosting it this time.

Took the L over to Potbellys for lunch and I realized that It is not a $3 round trip as the trip back counts as a free transfer since I’m not gone that long. Sweet! I will never drive over there again from work now that I know that. Even though there is seldom anywhere to sit, it is worth not having to drive around the one on Lincoln looking for a place to park. I made to more converts at work today, they never ate there before and upon leaving to head back, they both proclaimed their love for the place. Two more deciples in the temple of Potbellys. I swear, that company should give me a gold card for free food as I have brought them so much business over the years you woudln’t beleive. I would setlle for them just opening up one in Downers Grove!


  • which potbelly’s do you go to?
    Wondering, because I would join you for lunch sometime.

    There is one near my work on Clark near Grand.

  • The one at State/Lake. I walk two blocks over to the green line and take it down there. Next time u wanna have lunch if that is convienent from yr work, we can meet up there.

  • Mmmmm, Potbelly’s! I’ll ne’er forget phoning them up from our spot IN LINE, INSIDE THE PLACE to tell them we’d like to advance-order our stuff. Saved us a good 15-20 minutes of waiting time, eh?


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