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Royal Rumble and King

There was a record 21 people at Combustion Manor for the WWF PPV last nite. I had a GREAT time. The actual show sucked but everyone had fun despite Pod’s socks gassing up the whole room. Brock Lesnar won the rumble, which anyone who has watched the show for the last month or so could have predicted easily. No one won the money again, so it carries over to the next one. There is over 30 bucks in the pot now, the biggest of all time!

Today is King day. I don’t get it off. I am at work as we speak, but I have to say, King is my hero. On the way in there was no traffic, and there was tons of parking right by the building at work today. Everyday should be King day!

Feb. 8 – Racebannon at the Empty Bottle – who’s going with me?!

I got a 3 song sampler in the mail of the new Voivod album. They got their original singer back, and now Jason Newsted (formerly of Metallica but has since quit since they cut off their penises and started wearing dresses) is their bass player. It was pretty damn good. I have always liked Voivod – well that is until they lost the singer and replaced him, but now he is back!

Earlier today I was listening to some Bad Brains mp3’s i ripped from CD. Someone should go kill the assklown at Caroline who decided to remix, remaster and RUIN “Rock For Light”. That thing is way off pitch (too fast) and sounds like shit. The original mix was PERFECT, why fuck that up?! Now all people can get is that shitty remix, the original can only be had by tracking down a copy of the original pressing of the vinyl. I’m going to have to make my own CD of that now!


  • so was it newsted’s choice to leave metallica? I never really was clear on what happened there. I gotta agree with you that they’ve kind of pussed down their shit the last few years. I don’t know, for me, it started with the self titled black album and kind went downhill, as in they decided to start slurping MTV D all day long. Those guys still put on a hell of a show though, at least they did maybe 4 years ago when I saw them. So who’s gonna replace Newsted? As for Voivoid, never heard of ’em. maybe I’ll keep an eye on the used CD racks for them now though.

  • I beleive it was his decision to leave. Apparetnly he did not wish to cut off his testicles like the rest of them. Man, those first 3 Metallica albums were something special. They started to go downhill with that black album, I agree.

    If yr gonna check out Voivod, I recommend “Dimension Hatross” first. But any of the albums with their original singer (Snake) are have something worthwhile to them.


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