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I hate people!

I am trying to make reservations for dinner on valentines day to take out a very special woman, and so far all the places I have called are fucking booked already. It is more than 2 weeks away, what the fuck, do these assholes make the reservations a year in advance?! Give a guy a break already. And time is of the essence because I have tickets to a 10pm show in the city so I need like a 7 or 730pm reservation in the burbs after I pick her up. Anyone have any ins or suggestions for someplace around where I live?! I am royally pissed off and frustrated now! I need to kill like have the DuPage County population so this kind of shit doesn’t happen. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First the damn snow, and now this shit! Just fast forward me to friday already!



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