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While home today I have seen two different interviews with that jackass Fred Durst from Limp Bizkit, and he was wearing a Minor Threat t-shirt in them. Go co-opt someone else’s scene fucker, leave mine alone. Now every frat boy on earth is gonna suddenly start liking Minor Threat, and while it will be nice for Dischord to get the record sales, that will in turn allow them to continue to put out some damn fine music, it will come at an awful price. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want a million drunk frat boys suddenly latching onto something that I was getting picked on in school for being into.


  • you know what this reminds me of? it reminds me of back in jr. high school when jocks and macho thugs would wear “ac/dc” and “queen” t-shirts, without realizing that it undermined the image of sexuality they were trying to project. i laughed at it then at 13, and i still laugh at it. somebody probably told durst minor threat was cool, but he’s never listened to it himself (although he probably thinks “guilty of being white” is about him). or, he probably thinks it’s like a “no fear” t-shirt, and he’s just telling the world that he is a “minor threat”.

    you know, i experienced stupid frat boys coming to harcore shows and ruining it for everyone 20 years ago. sadly, it would be nothing new. the best you can hope for is that really sexy music gets played, by someone like gvsb, which would tend to scare them away.

  • It was about the same for me too just under 20 years ago. I remember all the jocks started going to Naked Raygun shows, ironically at the time I thought the band started to suck.

    Fortunately, the few shows I still go to are bands that are way below the radar of such goons.

  • FUCK fred durst. for a good laugh you should go to his web site and read him talking all sappy about britney spears but trying to sound hard at the same time. that guy is fukn wack.

  • fred is the worst human being alive, obviously. i think it’d be great if drunk frat boys were into a straightedge band withouy knowing it.


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