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The cold has finally broken. Yesterday afternoon I started to feel much improvement. Today I am just a little stuffed up, that’s it. All the vitamin C and bed rest seems to have done the trick, just in time to go back to work tomorrow. Tomorrow nite, the alphahottie and the little alphas are coming to meet me in the city and we’re having dinner with my dad, who will be in for the auto show. I already warned him if he says things to embarass me, thus giving her ammunition in which to make fun of me, that I will have to kill him.

My latest undertaking for my web site is to all all the Government Issue lyrics to the discography. When they reissued all the GI stuff on those CDs last year, they did not reprint the lyrics inside them, thus the only way one could find them would be to have the old vinyl, so I was inspired when someone posted to the daghouse msg board that they were looking for lyrics to one of the GI songs and Stabb made mention to my discography. I’m just taking a break from it right now to post this, then it is back to typing until my hands cramp up.

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  • HOOOOOOOORAY for you! im happy you are feeling more like a billion bucks than ten! have a good time at supper!


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