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Ah monday, the start of what will probably be a long week. Yesterday I spent the better part of the day working on Koz’s website and ate some fine food at the yorktown deli for lunch and famous dave’s for dinner. I had plans tonite that I have been looking forward too, but I’m not quite sure if said plans are still on or what, truth be told I don’t really know what the fuck is going on. I am one confused vaultkeeper right now and it is really starting to get to me.

Was I the only one who watched the baywatch movie that was on the other nite? I will admit that I used to watch that show up until a point when it just got too bad for even me to take. This movie they had was really bad, even by baywatch standards. Best line of the movie were:
“Dad is taking him out to the water because that is where he has the advantage”
“Mitch, when we fought, i felt the scars behind her ears from the reconstructive surgery”

The plot was really weak even by baywatch standards. Some asian dude who has it out for Mitch decided he’d get revenge by having a woman get reconstructive surgery to look exactly like Stephanie (Alexandra Paul’s character who died apparetnly long after I stopped watching), and lure Mitch into marrying her. So they all go to Hawaii, and the evil ninja fellow systematicaly kidnaps everyone, just as they all hooked up into couples and were getting ready to fuck. He then puts them in situations where they are subdued and will soon drown, and puts cameras on them. Then when the truth is exposed and the ninja gets ahold of Mitch, he shows them the live cam and says something to the effect of “you gotta choose who you’ll save beach boy”, and lets him go try. Of course the Knight Rider is a crafty fellow, so his non-kidnapped lifeguard pals come help him, along with the coast guard and what seems to be the entire US navy and they save the day. Mitch and ninja fight underwater and mitch tosses the guy into the propeller of the moving boat and tuns him into, quote, “fish food”. Oy vay it was bad. I mean the cheesy dialogue was good for a few laughs, but that was about it.

Alright, it is about time for lunch, here’s hoping my plans for the evening are still on. Cross yr fingers everyone.

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