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Victims, aren’t we all

After an uneventful day of grocery shopping and working on a new navbar for my website (which I’m not done with), I went over to blockbuster to rent Swingers because I was told by a friend that in my current frame of mind, that is the perfect movie to see. Well, the damn thing was already checked out, and I didn’t find anything else I wanted so I walked out empty handed and went home to cook dinner. Since there was nothing to watch on TV, I wondered over to the dvd collection to find something. I sat there a half hour deciding, picking up movies and putting them back before I just gave into my initial desire to watch The Crow. Let me tell you, when you are depressed, especially about a girl, under no circumstances should you watch this. The only thing worse would be to read the comic. It is so depressing, it is just not a good idea. I knew this going in, as it is my favorite story of all time (I’m referring to the story from the comic, not the movie story, which while good, they took a little to many liberties with it and made it more “hollywood”), but I couldn’t resist, and now I feel worse. As a whole, this was easily the worst week of the year for me, a year which was off to such a great start but now is sucking almost as bad as my last year did.

The only thing going good for me right now is the fact that I have the ingredients to get my record made, and tomorrow I am going to call the mastering place, and the pressing plant to set everything up. I also have to make up my mind on what colors of vinyl I’m going to use for the mailorder edition and the band edition. I’m leaning toward red and white.


  • Rather than insult you with platitudes about “it’ll be okay” and “all things happen for a reason” I’ll just say I’m sorry to hear things with you and the A.H. didn’t work out. I hope that soon you find the kind of girl you’re looking for, and that she finds you to be everything she’s been looking for.

    Keep on keeping on.

  • a friend of mine at work just lent me ‘the crow’ . i was gonna watch it tonight. glad to hear it get a good recomendation.

  • Lis, thank you for not using those typical phrases, they don’t make one feel better. My sister does that all the time, her typical response to such things, “you’ll find someone else, that wasn’t the one, don’t worry” which really doesn’t make one feel better. In keeping with my trying to find shit to do to keep busy, if ya ever want to go play simpsons pinball at that club foot, let me know, I’m down for some games.

    L. – the crow movie is a must see, especially if you ever read the comic. While not as good as the comic – it remains in my top 5 and I’ve seen it dozens of times (8 times in the theatre when it came out). The newer version of the dvd is especially nice with DTS sound if you have the home theatre setup.

  • I’d be happy to meet you at Club Foot and let you kick my ass at pinball, if you think it will help. Maybe next week some time. Shoot me an email.


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