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40+ degrees = 4 course meal

Since the weather has taken a turn for the better this week, I instantly agreed to an invite from a few co-workers to walk over to the L and take it to Potbellys for lunch. There is nothing like a 4 course meal from there (sandwich, chips, coke, shake), to temporarily lift yr spirits. Even depression can’t stop me from enjoying that meal, which is more than I can say for a lot of meals lately. Hell, I should just eat every meal there, why won’t they build one at the end of my street?!

It dawned on me the other day that since my trusted Laserjet 4MV crapped out awhile back, that I have to find a way to print out the label art and insert art for the upcoming record! The problem with the printer was the fact that the network card seems to have died, as neither one of my computers can see the printer. An email to RAT for advice came up with the fact that I llikely just need to replace the jetdirect card on it and look on ebay and you’ll find one for a good price. So last nite I scored one for 25 bucks. Hopefully that will be all I need to get it back running and get this project out the door. Now, does anyone have access to a photocopie where I can print free inserts (if I supply my own paper even)? I’ll reward whoever can give me a hookup with one of the coveted test pressings when they come back. I need to make 500 double sided copies on standard size paper. Oh how I wish I still had friends working at Kinko’s.

OK, now who is doing what this weekend?! I need friends and I need shit to do.

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  • Godspeedyoublackemperor is playing at the abbey this saturday and J and I are going with some friends. You are more than welcome to join us. Don’t know if it’s sold out or not.

    Otherwise this weekend will be spent writing my 10page paper that is due this monday.

  • I highly reccomend the Toasters/DGB show at Metro on Sunday. If you’re feeling down, nothing lifts the spirits like ska.

  • Is that a blanket hatred of all horns? Or just ska horns? Like Morphine for example, not a ska band at all, but v. horn intensive …

    I’m a big fan of horns personally, but to each their own.

  • Just ska horns really. For example, the Legendary Pink Dots use a lot of horns and I really like them a lot. Well, their newer stuff leaves a bit to be desired, but that has nothing to do with horns, more to do with the fact that they have put out like 100 records and lost a lot of the magic they had in the late 80s to mid 90s. It is really just the ska I don’t like. Something about it just rubs me the wrong way and I want to take those horns and beat them with it, that or run them over with their own vespas.

  • mxv-
    you just made me LOL with your comment on running over ska bands with their own vespas.

    Anyway- I kind of thought it might be sold out. Godspeed is interesting….they are kind of like a rock-orchestra with big crescendos with a fantastic movie/slide show that goes on with the music. (no pyrotechnics though). They have a couple of cello players, keyboards, two amazing drummers, one playing a set and the other plays miscellaneous purcussive instruments. Last time I went I ran into Joey Vindictive and his wife. I was surprised to see them there. I wonder if I’ll see them this time.

    Speaking of Vindictives, Dr. Bob the guitar player passed away early this march! I check in on their website everynow and then and there was a photo of Dr. Bob and RIP.
    Don’t know the details, but I do know that he had a heroin addiction for awhile and had cleaned up his act in 2000. I haven’t spoken to Joey and Jenny since then.

  • ash – that show is sold out, I was looking at the mpshows list yesterday as a matter of fact and had noticed that, and I remembered you telling me you liked them (I still havent’ heard them).

    Lis – as much as I love punk rock, I have an equal dislike for ska. All those damn horns just make me angry.


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