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Light the fuse, get away.

It was such a beautiful day outside that I took the L over to potbellys again today for lunch and i ate outside! That was pretty refreshing and it helped me get through the day. My legs hurt in places I didn’t know I even had from skateboarding on saturday, but it was worth it, I just have to remember to stretch before and after next time.

Raw was mediocre, I have been working on stuff for my website all nite so it really just served as background noise as I was working. I am about ready to put up the new pages. I just redid the navbar, changed a few pages a little bit, added some new reviews, redid the homepage and added an images section with scans of old photos and flyers (which will continue to grow as I sift through the vault and scan them.

The record goes out to be mastered by the end of this week. I found out that they don’t let people to come in an be there for the cutting process, so I have to mail the stuff to them. It is kind of a bummer as that wa a real treat to witness last time, but it does save me the trouble of having to take a day off work and driving out near Rockford.

I guess that’s about all I have to say. I’m still down (and baffled) over the whole alphahottie thing and I’m just trying to keep busy and find people to hang out with as much as I can. The record project has been helping keep my mind going. I think I’ll put together a new radio show for the SC website too, it is due time for one. Any requests?! (old punk only).


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