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All you can meat!

Today our work took all of us to this really nice restaurant for lunch to celebrate our game being released. The place we went to was called Fogo De Chao and it was excellent. I’ve never been to a place like this before. The place is a meat lovers dream, they have more meat than you can possibly dream of eating, and it is all you can (m)eat! They start you off with your run of the salad/vegetable bar, which also featured some damn fine bread. Then at your place is a little marker that had a red side and a green side, which looks like this:

Your marker starts on red, but as soon as you flip it over to the green side, the real fun begins. The green means “bring on the meat” and within seconds of flipping, countless servers bring meat to your place and slice it off for you onto your plate. They had fillet mignon, various steaks, lamb, chicken, pork, you name it, if it was once alive you can eat it. I have never seen so much meat served in one place before. They bring it on so fast that it is hard to keep track of what’s what. When my plate ran out of room, I flipped over my marker so I could catch up and actually eat the stuff, and damn was it good! As soon as I made room on my plate, I took a deep breath and flipped it over to green for round two! I think I ate at least an entire cow, plus countless breads and rolls. I don’t think I need to eat again for a couple days. When I couldn’t eat another piece of meat. I finished it off with some more rolls and called it a day. After lunch, we were free to have the rest of the day off, which I took full advantage of by high-tailing it out of the city (via Ogden as the traffic was already awful on the Ike at 2pm!) to go get my new cell phone. When I left, they were actually getting some desert, I didn’t have an ounce left in my stomach for that, tempting as it was. It was a great meal and a fun time and it was really nice of the company to take us there. It is things like this that make me remember why I like the people I work for, and with so much.

Tomorrow I get my taxes done. Fun stuff. I hope I don’t have to pay that much this year. Damn that Uncle Sam, the bastard!

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