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Monday Mission 3.14

1. Would you rather impress or influence others? Why? Which do you tend to do more than the other?
I’m not sure if I do one more than the other. I’d like to influence more than impress but i think that if you impress someone you may in turn influence them anyway. Impressing the ladies is always a good thing.

2. Are you able to admit your weaknesses to others? How do you handle your weaknesses (Can you accept them and see them as a strength? (Do you strive to overcome them? etc.)
Yeah, I can admit them fine. I just accept them, that’s how I handle them, sure I’d like to overcome them, but sometimes you just can’t.

3. How do you react when you are bossed around, treated as inferior or taken advantage of?
I don’t like being bossed around and especially treated as inferior. If someone takes advantage of me, I remove them from my life, I have no room in my life for people like that.

4. Do you live your life to meet your own needs, or do you live to meet the needs of others? Why?
My own needs. I don’t think anyone else needs me.

5. This is your Mission on Mondays, but what is your mission in life?
To find a nice, normal woman who is easy on the eyes, fun to be with and doesn’t freak out and turn into a different person after 2 months (or less) and one who never uses the word, “overwhelmed”.

6. Can you focus on your goals and achieve them, or are you sidetracked by minor distractions along the way?
I can be easily distracted, but it also depends on the goal.

7. When was the last time you cried? What were you feeling at that moment (anger, sadness, etc.)?
It was sadness and the sense of loss that I was feeling. I’m not telling when.


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