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I am watching the news and they just said that a bunch of anti-war protesters in Chicago are suing the city over the cops breaking up their protest. Let me get this straight, they decide to block lake shore drive in the middle of rush hour, thereby not only taking the police away from doing something like protecting our city, during a time of war, and also keeping people from getting home from work, and now they are upset and suing over the fact that the cops came and hauled them away?! While I can respect people’s right to speak their mind, and be against a war, but there are better ways to get yr message across, and fuck you for suing, if you got yr ass thrown in jail, that’s what you get for blocking the road and making traffic. Next time, hold your little protest in Grant Park, where you won’t be keeping people from getting home to their families. I hope the judge throws the case out of court. And the taxpayer’s money now, that is going to go to pay legal fees, could possibly have been used to keep one of the 4 schools in the city open that I just heard are closing. Assholes.


  • fuck them. I would say lock em up and throw away the key, but that pesky constitution and the fact that you’re tax dollars would have to pay for their bed & bread. fukn people so concerned about their little agendas they can’t fathom that the rest of the world is trying to go on with their lives. i agree: assholes.

  • I couldn’t agree more! all protestors of this war owe iraqies a letter of apology, in my opinion.


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