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America’s other pastime

While I beleive that pro wrestling is america’s pastime, I indulged in america’s otehr pastime tonite after work. I went to the White Sox game with a couple of co-workers who had an extra ticket. These weren’t just regular tickets, they were SKYBOX tickets, which on a cold night like tonite was perfect! On top of the free tickets, in the skybox all the food is FREE! Including free kosher’s best hot dogs! They happen to be the finest on earth. My mission going in was to eat as many of them as I could. My goal was 4. I met the goal. I ate so much that I honestly don’t think I will be eating again until sunday afternoon! I impressed everyone around me by knocking back so many hot dogs, and damn were they good. The sox won too, so that was a bonus, it was a close and interesting game, and this is coming from someone who doesn’t follow the sport. It was a good time and I was really glad that they asked me to go with.

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