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Matrix 2!

OK, so I got a ticket to see Matrix 2 tonite at midnite. I get to work today and one of the owners comes around and asks everyone if they want to go see it (on the company!) tomorrow during the day! I didnt’ mind that I would already be seeing it 12 hours before as I was sure it would be good. The movie FUCKING RULED! HOLY SHIT IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD I DAMN NEAR CRAPPED IN MY PANTS! In fact, had I had to crap, I may just have done that as I wouldnt’ have wanted to miss a second of the movie. IT OWNZ! Not only that, but a perfect crowd, NO CELL PHONES RANG! NO ONE MADE UNNECESSARY NOISE! I couldn’t have asked for a better movie going experience unless I had a hot date with me instead of MAC, his woman and one of his friends (I’m not knocking my company whatsoever, we had a fun time, but you get my drift). We got pizza and watched Matrix 1 before we left for the theatre for the new one, which refreshing my memory about the story before seeing the new one made it that much better. Now I gotta force myself to sleep so I can get up in 5 hours to get ready for work, and be sitting in a theatre agan in 8 hours to see it again!


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