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I will never figure them out!

It seems my friend Kristin is no longer speaking to me. I have no idea why either. We didnt’ get into a fight, no argument, no wrong-doings on either side, nothing. I last spoke to her around xmas time. About a month or so I called and left her a message and got no response. I tried emailing her a couple times since then also to the tune of silence. Last week I saw her on instant msg, so I tried to msg her, got no response. It is really weird. She also stopeed sending me tapes of her radio show as well. I know she is still alive, as aside from seeing her on the instant msg, I am on the email list for her radio show and she’ll post things on there. I don’t know what the hell happened, we have been friends for 12 years and now she mysteriously just decides she is no longer speaking to me and didn’t even give me the courtesy to tell me why. It really hurts my feelings that someone I held in such high regard would go and do that to me. It is not like I can show up at her house and ask either, she lives in the poison town, and aside from being 2 hours away, it is a place I will never go to again. Anyway, that’s really been bothering me the last couple weeks and I had to talk to someone about it, so why not here?

Today I was actually productive. I hit the bank and post office in the morning and even mowed the lawn, all before noon! I went and bought some clothes and used up the gift cards I had since xmas (and spent some of my own cash too), cleaned the garage a little more, and then got my bike out and went for the first ride of the year. I went 7.3 miles, which I felt was damn good for my first time in a year, and first time post-back surgery. It was kind of windy, but a beautiful day out. I put on my walkman and toured the neighborhood. I realized I have had this faithful walkman for well over 10 years, it is the best one I have ever owned and it is still hanging in there.

Now, I’m bored silly. I have no one to hang out with. I am trying to find someone to go to potbellys with me for dinner. If I can’t find anything to do tonite, I’ll fire up the scanner and start working on a JFA discography for my site and also work on some reviews I have to do.

My memorial day BBQ is a week from monday, who is coming?!

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  • don’t dispair, she could just be busy…

    omg. that reminds me i forgot to write back to a freind who wrote me like two weeks ago.crap.


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