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Why ebay sucks, and that most people are stupid

I had bid on a lot of 4 Government Issue records from someone on ebay about a month ago now, maybe a little more. I won the auction and paypal’d the guy about 10 minutes after it was over. He charged me 10 bucks for shipping, which was high, but I figured it would cost 5-6 bucks priority mail, so the extra couple bucks wasn’t that big of a deal. So I waited for my package to arrive, and waited and waited. A couple weeks go by and nothing. I email the guy and he claimed he had a death in the family and was out of town and would send them as soon as he returned in a week. 2 more weeks later, nothing. I email again asking where my package is, he apologized and said it would go out on monday, which was 9 days ago now. Yesterday I still had no package, and more than enough time went by for it to arrive had it been sent via priority which my 10 bucks MORE than covered. I email the guy again and said it went out, but not via priority, which meant he sent it media mail, which COSTS $2. So I asked him why he gouged me on shipping so he could profit $8 off the shipping after taking forever to mail my package. He then goes on to tell me the money goes to cover the mailer, shipping, gas to the PO, his ebay fees and his time! What the fuck is that?! The mailer I’ll give him but the rest is bullshit. So I told him I wanted to be refunded some of the money he bilked me out of for the shipping as that was a total ripoff. He told me no and sent me this bit of wisdom.

Im sorry
you are so mad about this. I have paid $6 shipping for a lousy punk patch
mailed in a standard envelope with a stamp and not been mad. The shipping is
listed but sometimes people dont realize that there is more with the shipping than
the actual postage. I spend good money to mail the LP’s in special boxes
designed to keep them safe. The point is you bid knowing what the fee was. I have
had no one complain about this till now. I am sorry however that recent health
problems and some family stuff made it take so long to mail out. THAT i do
owe you an apology for. I will leave you the same feedback you do me and besides
the shipping I hope you are happy with the LP’s. You still got a pretty good
deal. PS: I also have to drive almost 8 miles to reach the PO. I live in the woods.

At this point, I’m about to look up his address, take a road trip and go and punch him in the face. So here is my response:

So let me get this straight, you are going to leave me the SAME feedback I leave?! So yr feedback is going to read like this…

“took forever to send my package, charged me $10 for shipping and sent media mail. a lousy seller”

Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Truth is you have ZERO grounds to leave me anything but positive feedback that says…

“paid me in about 10 mins of auction close”

Anything other than the truth is called SLANDER, which from what I understand, is an actionable offense.

And to review the math.

Mailer – $2 (and that is being generous)
Shipping – $5 (priority mail based on weight)
gas – you live 8 miles from a PO you claim. the average cost of a gallon of gas is 1.50. most cars get about 20 miles to a gallon. yr round trip to the PO is 16 miles, therefore costing 1 gallon of gas.

ebay fees are NOT the responsibility of the buyer, but that of the SELLER. Neither is the gas to the PO because “i live in the woods 8 miles away”. Buy some stamps and mail the shit from home if that is a probelm, it is not up to the buyer to get you to the PO. Even allowing your need for gas, you still ripped me off, and took forever to send me something I still don’t have, and you didn’t even bother to communicate to me that you were “having problems” until I emailed you asking where my records were.

That makes the total as I see it, $8.50. However, you decided to pimp me and profit by sending it media mail, which was about $2. That makes the total for the above $5.50! So I don’t know what kind of math you were taught, but the one I learned tells me I IN NO WAY “STILL GOT A GOOD DEAL” as you put it.

Furthermore, since you decided to take a month to get to a PO, I would think the right thing to do AT LEAST would have been to send it priority mail, which even taking into account your need for gas and a mailer and “your precious time spent mailing them” was more than covered in the 10 bucks you charged me to sit on your ass for a month and then send my package via turtle.


I would think the right thing for you to do is to send me back 5 bucks to make this right.


I’m sure the jackass is not going to do the right thing. His ebay username is tedsfrozenhead, I HIGHLY advise you to NEVER buy anything from this guy unless you like yr time wasted and throwing away money.


  • I HIGHLY advise you to NEVER buy anything from this guy unless you like yr time wasted and throwing away money.

    You didn’t leave his handle in here anywhere.

  • sure i did, read it again….

    . His ebay username is tedsfrozenhead, I HIGHLY advise you to NEVER buy anything from this guy unless you like yr time wasted and throwing away money.

  • I think you should still take a road trip to punch this guy in the face.

    Thats all I’ve got to say.

  • i think rex is that idiot ted. some people got some nerve.. but what do you expect from a venue who’s goal is wealth and riches first, customer service later.

  • I found a tedsfrozenhead on eBay, but it says “Member since: Tuesday, Oct 21, 2003” so I don’t know if this is the same one. Has one positive feedback and net feedback of 1.

    I just had a similar problem with laurenlake on eBay. S/H was high for each auction (shipping stated as USPS insured), but the seller indicated that something would be taken off. Yeah, big 10%. I did the math and showed that the seller was saving at least 25% more than that from insurance savings alone on the combined shipment. S/H is about 70% of the total bid.

    I’m looking into an attorney general complaint. I don’t know if anything will come of it, but I’m sure there’s a better chance than with eBay’s worthless investigations department.

    eBay should be doing a number of things to stop this crap, but fat chance when they know they will alienate sellers, who are eBay’s cash cows.

  • Wow that sucks buddy, sellers like that should be SHOT! It’s amazing what someone will do for a little bit of $$.

    I am very very careful on ebay, watching out for people like that..

  • I see your point, but I still think you are in the wrong. The shipping fee was disclosed, and apparently he never promised you Priority. If you were unwilling to pay his flat shipping fee, you shouldn’t have bid in the first place.

    That “death in family” stuff is bullshit, though.

  • I purchased something from an ebay member, who had positive feedback. He refuses to send me emails and only communicates via my feedback. I paid right after the auction ended and he never sent the package and has now left me negative feedback that reads “THIS DEADBEAT GOT THE ITEMS & NOW WANTS $ BACK & ITEMS 4 FREE NO WAY ! LOSER! FF
    Seller wolf728(private) Aug-08-04 03:28 6305924444

    Do not buy from WOLF728!!!

  • There is an eBay policy about avoiding eBay fees by charging too much for shipping. You can report people who do this… and I encourage you to do so. I also paid way too much in shipping before.

  • “I live in the woods” ?! wtf kind of excuse is that?!

    He sounds like a freak. I’ll keep an eye out for him. Also beware of michaeljacksonmania – the nutter didn’t bother to send me the video I’d bought 3 months before until after I’d left him negative feedback. His response to this feedback?

    “You should of just e-mailed”.

    erm… I *did* email. Three times a week for three months, getting the same response every time – “It’s been sent. I’ll send you another one.”

    Who are these sick people? What is their problem?!

  • I think the thing you must remember is that this seller is also he victim of ebay, inc’s great scam. In fact ebay, inc. propogates this type of depressed behavior through their abusive policies and fees. True he shouldn’t have treated you the way he did. True he found a way to pass on the scam he got from ebay to you, his buyer. True this fellow is severly depressed and needs therapy or drugs. But ebay, inc is no angel in this matter. They claim to promote a ‘community’ based on trust and safety. Ebay wouldn’t know trust and safety if it jumped out and bit them on the ourse. The real culprit here is ebay, inc. Sellers know it. Buyers know it. Ebay knows it. And some government entities know it. If left to it’s own devices ebay, inc should go the way of enron in due time. This seller was just getting what he could while he could. It’s a national epidemic. Too many trying to survive on too little. Look at it this way. He who is first shall be last and he last shall be first. You will get back all plus by just keep doing the right thing.


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