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It appears this girl I met a couple weeks ago is giving me the brush. I called her last nite and asked her if she was free and wanted to go out this weekend sometime, to which she gave me a laundry list of plans she has the next couple weekends. Between that, and her cancelling on me last week when I attempted to see her, I have given up. I told her if she wants to go out with me, she can call and ask me, the ball is in her court, I’m done trying. I don’t expect to ever hear from her again. Ah well, I don’t really give a shit, if we were to have hooked up, I’m sure two months later she’d dump me and then get engaged to a senior citizen, just like anna nicole alphahottie did.

Two day’s ago, was RMD’s bday. Those who have read this blog for any length of time, especially last year will remember who she is. Anyway, I sent her one of those yahoo ecards on her bday and I got a response today. Just a sentence saying thanks and it made her day. Whether it really did or not I don’t know, but she at least acknowledged it, which was nice, and if it did put a smile on her face, then I succeeded, cuz that is all I wanted, was for her to know I remembered and to make her smile, if even for a minute. I still wish I was smart enough to have done that shit when it really counted, but what can I do ya know? Add it to the long list of mistakes in my life. If only I could break this curse I seem to have when it comes to the fairer sex.

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