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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.24

How do you respond to hateful mail and comments?
It depends on the situation, but I’m not one to ever turn down laying the verbal smackdown on some stupid asshole, and I will win.

What sort of topics have you taken a stand on in your writings? Did it get the reaction you expected? What subjects have you avoided? Why?
Organized religion and just how stupid these religoius zealots are. I didn’t get much response, but then again I don’t think I have that many readers. The one response from last week was pretty entertaining however. The stuff I write here is usually much more personal in nature.

What would you add to the list of “Reasons You Won’t Read a Blog?” What are some of the reasons that you stopped reading someone’s Blog? Do you tell them you’ve stopped reading? Wouldn’t you like to know why someone quit reading yours? Or do you care?
I don’t read that many blogs to be honest, and all the ones I do read, the only reason I stopped is if they stopped doing the blog! I don’t think I care if someone quit reading this or not, I’m honestly surprised that anyone who has never met me does, and that is pretty damn cool. I’ve made a couple friends (who I’ve never met in person) because of this blog and who would have thought that would happen.

Do you like to tweak and tinker with your website and blog? Or would you rather have a simple solution so you can concentrate on other things?
I do like to change things up, and I’m never quite happy with the look of it. I look at these other blogs and sites and wish I could have mine be like that but I have limited skills in that department. I am learning slowly but surely and I think I’m gettting a little bit better with it and understanding it more, but I don’t know how to do javascript or php or any of that fancy-ass stuff yet and that is a ways off I’m afraid.

Would you take a ride into outer space if given the chance?
No, if I can’t be in a car for more than 2 hours without going crazy, imagine how I’d be for weeks in space! Plus look where going to space got that one teacher when the shuttle blew up. Sure, she made the cover of a Feederz LP, but she died! No thanks.

Are there any songs, that when you hear them, make you just want to get up and start dancing?
No, I don’t dance. I danced two times in my life. Once was at the prom with the “ex-wife” and once was the first time I ever went out with the alphahottie (now known as Anna Nicole Alphahottie for her affinity for hooking up with senior citizens). I’ll never do it again, I’m not into it, and the music I listen to most often doens’t lend itself to dancing, it is loud and angry and often quite fast.

Have you ever made a “Mix” CD or tape for someone special? What was on it? Did they like it? Are you sure? Has someone made a”mix” just for you? Did you like it? Which one comes to mind? What made it so
memorable? What songs were on it?

You are asking a guy with more vinyl records and even cds if he ever made a mix tape/cd? Fuck yeah I have, for tons of people. Girlfriends have gotten their share of them more than others. I can’t remember the track listing on any of them. I do remember making RMD a tape of vintage punk stuff to give her a glimpse of what I was into and the begining era of my punkrockness. Its fun exposing people I know and care about to good music that I’m into that they’ve probably never heard.


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