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Another one lost…

Rancid signs to Warner Bros. Don’t these guys ever pay attention to what happens to the bands before them. Ask Jawbreaker where a major label got them. Ask the Jesus Lizard, or countless other bands that were doing quite well on a big indie label and making some good money, only to end up in debt after signing.

I guess just a couple weeks ago in an interview in AP, that Rancid fellow had proclaimed that they were going to be on Epitaph for life. Funny how a big advance (that you have to pay back!) and promises of the world can make one change their mind.


  • It was easy to forget the Jesus Lizard – all their post- Touch and Go records sucked, and the last one they did on T&G wasn’t anything special. Those first 3 records however were F’n great.

  • Didn’t they just say they would be with Brett from Epitaph for life and that could have just meant they’re keeping him as their producer.

    As far as the other bands ending up in debt after signing thats bad legal advice: an advance can only be paid back from the profit earned the following year so if the band didn’t make money and were completely dropped they;d owe nothing.

  • come on now the label shit doesn’t matter in the long run as long as they stay true 2 who they were before all the big label shit happend.

  • Seeing as how one of those Rancids is writing songs for Pink, and that they put those little nancy’s in Gay Charlotte in their video, I’d say it is safe to say they are NOT staying true to who they are, unless who they are is a bunch of mall-punk, corporate tool, poseurs.


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