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Yr tongue is withered, it’s heavier than lead

It has been a strange but good past couple days.

Aside from that, last nite I beat my personal best on Addams Family pinball, but it was totally ruined by the fact that I didn’t beat the grand champ on the game, and I would have done it had I not missed the shot to the extra ball, which resulted in my last ball draining. I was so pissed off that I didn’t care that I beat my personal best. My score was 1.280 billion.

Not sure what I’m doing on the 4th, something with my punk brothers from Destroy Everything I’m sure.

I found out I have a conflict of shows on 8/2. I was planning on going to see Down By Law and also visiting with John Stabb as he’ll be in town for it. However Since By Man is playing that same nite at the fireside and there is no way in hell I can miss that. So I gotta see how long Stabb will be here so I can at least see him when he is here.

Add another 2 shows to my list:

X – 7/12 at house of blues
Blood Brothers – 7/10 at Bottom Lounge

Man, I haven’t gone to so many shows in years!

I need some damn sleep. Thank god for the 3 day weekend.


  • so different pinball backgrounds are different pinball games? is adams family harder than say…the KISS pinball game? and woohoo to shows~ HAVE FUN!

  • All pinball machines are different. Different layout, rules, etc. Some are harder than others just by the way they are layed out.


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