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PromoGuy’s Monday Mission 3.27

Can you think of one single decision you made that changed the course of your life. A decision where if you had done something else, everything would be different now?
Coming up on 10 years ago now, I was working part time as a video game tester for Midway Games, I also had a full time job, I quit the full time job and took the gamble that I could get hired to do game testing full time at Midway. It took a few months after quitting but it paid off and I was hired (along with The Duke) and that ended up being the start of my career path that I am still on now (and quite enjoying I must say).

Do you think every life has a pre-determined course, that we will wind up at point X regardless of the decisions we make?
I don’t think I necessarily agree with that, but who knows. Life unfortunately doesn’t have a rewind or fast forward button, as much as I would like it too. A pause button would be nice as well come to think of it.

Do you think that it is that left up to us and random chance to decide who we are with? Are we are guided to the person we were meant to be with or could you be with the wrong person while “the one” is still somewhere out there?
I’m on the fence on this one. I’d like to think there is “the one” but sometimes I think there is more than just one “the one” during the course of one’s life in some instances. I didn’t think too much about that whole fate crap, but lately I am starting to wonder about it.

Do you like to drink and get drunk? When was the last time you were drunk or hung over? What was the occasion? How did it feel at the time? How did it feel the next day?
If you asked me up until last month, the answer would have been no as I was “retired” from drinking for about 6 years. But now the answer is a resounding YES. I drank last nite as a matter of fact, and got rather drunk. It felt fine, though I may have revealed a little too much information to the person I was drinking with, but I was assured by said person that I didn’t.

Have you ever done anything you regret while “under the influence?” What happened? Do you remember it or did you have to be told?
Yes I have, and remember. No I am not telling.

Were you/are you able to resist peer pressure in school/college? How? If not, what did you do that you wish you hadn’t?
I was quite good at it for the most part. When people I knew starting getting into drugs and shit, I was perfectly fine in my little world of punk rock, skateboarding and video games.

What things are better left unsaid?
If I said them, they wouldn’t be unsaid now would they?

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  • Be careful about the drinking, man. Before you know it, you’ll be throwing up in someone’s car– and boy, that’s always a mess!

    Right, Big Mike?


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