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Found: One old friend!

The mystery of Tim Gore has been solved! I have a friend in New Orleans, an artist fellow, who used to know him too, and knows Rave, who is friends with Tim and had his current address, phone numbers and email. I dropped Tim an email and got a reply, so now when I’m out in L.A. this sept, I can see my old friend again. That made my day and I’m glad I hadn’t lost touch forever.

I still need more sleep, I am way behind!

Who is going to see the Blood Brothers tomorrow?! Speak up dammit!


  • Good show! way to hang in there man! as far as the blood brothers go, they’re playing detroit this saturday… care to drive over?

  • If I wasn’t already going to see X that nite, and I had more notice, I would have flown up there. Damn!

  • That’s good! I was going to tell you that I ran into someone who knows Tim and the other fellow you’d mentioned. Weird thing: I was at the aforementioned “someone who knows Tim”s house and he had a Haunted Mansion plaque (like the one you’ve got) on his wall. We started talking, and I was going to get more info from him. I guess I don’t have to, now!

    I’m glad you got in touch with ‘im. Looking forward to seeing you out here soon!

  • I need to found my old fried.
    we were in turkey 1 year ago.
    we are iranian .
    his name is Khalil Ankoti
    please found him for me


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