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Saturday worked out better than I could have hoped. We got off to a late start, which ruled out going to a nice dinner so we settled for Potbellys (yeah I know, in my case that really isn’t settling as it is the best place on earth). We made it to the Fireside as the first band was playing and met up with Youngdave, Mark M and Danger. Many serums were had and then it was time for Since By Man. They kicked much ass, as they always did. They just got a new bass player and he seemed to fit in quite well. I took some pictures which I’ll put up here tonite or tomorrow. Throughout the course of the show, I kept calling the Buddy Space to check on the happenings over there to make sure we would be able to catch Milemarker. Luckily there was a lot of bands playing that nite so it worked out that we would have no problem making it in time. After SBM, we stayed for one more drink and then parted ways with Young, Mark, and Danger to head over to the other show. We hopped the L over there since we were in no condition to drive.

The Buddy Space is a loft of sorts above a furniture store in Wicker Park. It had a back door that led out to the roof, which serves as a giant patio of sorts. They had the beer out there, and the weather was perfect. We sat outside and drank and people watched as the L trains sped by behind us as the tracks were jumping distance from the roof. The only beer they had was Pabst Blue Ribbon. I have learned that if you are already drunk, or at least have a superbuzz going, that you don’t really notice the taste of a beer you don’t particularly care for. Two bands ended up playing before Milemarker did upon our arrival. Milemarker were excellent as always but unfortunately played a really short set. It was well worth the trip however. After the show, we hopped the L back to the Fireside where my car was parked, hung outside until I was sobered up and then drove home. It was a great evening and a lot of fun.

Yesterday was pinball doubles league finals. My team did alright but we got knocked out in the first match of the finals. It was an all day affair and I was pretty worn out by the end of the day, due to playing all day, and the late nite I had prior. Now I’m back at work, wishing for another few hours of sleep.


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