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Kickin’ like Bruce Lee’s Chinese Connection

Tomorrow (that would be sat. 8/2):

Since By Man at the Fireside Bowl 8pm.

Get off yr ass and come to the show, I will be there, and you damn well should be too! I have to bolt as soon as SBM are done playing (they are playing 3rd) to head to a place in Wicker Park to see Milemarker do some benefit show, which all of you are also welcome to attend as well. I require it! There will be much partaking of spirits as well. How we’ll get home is anyone’s guess.


  • im contacting you because of people who think they can bully me . if it is ok can you send me a letter on how bruce lee stuck up for him self and a guide on how to do some moves on how to fight bullys i live at 23 manor road eastwood nottingham thankyou for your time by.
    ps send it soonish

  • the why you can stick up for your self, is to know your better then them, if things get out of control kick them hard in thier stomach than with both hands hit the in the back as hard as you can “do that really hard and fast”


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